Don’t let uncertainty leave you powerless!

Health care reform leaves many questions unanswered, but don’t let those questions worry you. Take your health into your own hands: visit your doctor if you have any questions (don’t be afraid to make an appointment); there are many products out there you can research and investigate yourself and have approved by your doctor. However, don’t rely on just any source you can find on Google – read what the experts are researching at centers like the Mayo Clinic, The FDA, National Institutes of Health, The Canadian Institute of Health Research, and other authorities in medical research.

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So what does health care reform mean for you?
There are many possibilities: some people believe that waiting lines will overwhelm emergency rooms; others believe that it will bring about a healthier, wealthier middle-class. One bias is the dogmatic, for-profit health organizations which would like you to believe that there are astronomical waiting lines in countries like Canada where Health Care is public. Generally they use extreme case scenarios as to scare the public health care system out of you. On the other end of the spectrum is the push for fully funded public Health Care by advocates such as Michael Moore. Moore raises great points in his documentary, Sicko, about the availability of universal health care that is present in many developed countries, and the fact that it leads to a healthier nation over all (in that a trip to the hospital does not break a middle class family).

In fact, the large bureaucracies can slow down health care waiting lines, while privately owned health care organizations can provide prime competition to the best surgeons possible. This must be weighed against the fact that private health organizations are designed with a loser in mind: that is, the winners are the shareholders, and the losers are those who cannot afford it and those who are left by the way-side due to unfairly rejected claims.

There are enough arguments on both sides to keep this debate going well into the next millennia; however, in order for you to make the most informed decision you need to explore the issue objectively from both sides. Do not be fooled by obscure, irrelevant claims, or fall prey to bogus statistical data. Read, research, explore, decide!

Health to Happiness

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