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Back pain is known to affect at least 1 million adults in the USA every year and, at some time in their lives, most people will suffer from a back pain of one sort or another. Back pains are broadly split into two categories – back lower pain and back upper pain. Quite often no further diagnosis is made as the back pain eases before a visit to the doctor becomes necessary, this is largely due to the various back pain relief remedies available over the counter from a pharmacy, local store or even, these days, over the internet. In such cases the back pain is said to be ‘non-specific’.

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Non-specific causes of back pain.

Causes of back pain are many and varied, being due to anything from something as benign as moving awkwardly getting out of a seat to potentially life threatening conditions. Therefore, if a back pain persists you really should seek medical advice about it.
The single biggest cause of working days being lost is due to people suffering non-specific back pain. People who work in jobs requiring the lifting of objects are most likely to suffer from either non-specific back lower pain or back upper pain. However, even people who sit down for long periods of time at their jobs can suffer from a variety of back pains, especially if they are in the habit of sitting or bending awkwardly; which is why having correct seating at work is so important.

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For some people simply being over-weight or obese can create back pain problems, the problem for such people being that their backs have to carry a heavier weight than they should do which is complicated by the fact that over-weight/obese people do not have strong abdominal muscles to support the back carry this extra load. These non-specific back pains are mainly due to ligament strain and muscle tears, often giving rise to spasms in the back.

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Specific causes of back pain.

There are a number of types of upper and lower back pain. This article will help in the understanding of typical symptoms and the technical terms such as Sciatica, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Coccydynia and Fibrositis … (more) …

Persistant and Chronic back pain.

When you experience back pain your back is simply telling you that something is wrong with you physically and you need to repair the damage. Exactly the same as the pain we feel if cut with a sharp knife while cooking, resulting in us needing to repair the wound, feeling a back pain means something is wrong and needs to be healed … (more) …

Posture and Your Back Pain.

Unless you have a congenital disease causing you back pain or if your back pain has arisen from a serious illness, for the vast majority of people any back pain that develops can frequently be attributable to their posture, in relation to their spine, in one way or another. The key significance of posture and back pain is the efficient distribution of your body weight around the body’s center of gravity, especially in the lower back/spine, both when at rest and moving. … (more) …

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