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Free Book Offers Back Pain Solutions

Back pain comes in many many different forms, although most people only identify with one or two of them. It is not surprising when one considers the incredible complexity of the spine and the intricate maze of muscles that make our bodies work. But, whether it is neck pain, lower back pain, pinched nerves, sciatica, vertebrae compression, or other issues, as you know, pain is downright uncomfortable. And relief from that pain, and ultimately curing the cause, is paramount.

As you likely know, just takiing medication for the pain may work for a short term relief, but side effects and other issues make this at best a transient solution.

As we’ve found, learning how the pain is created and the best methods of handling the various conditions is the key to ultimately eliminating the various forms of back pain. Whether from an injury or from long term repetitive activities, there is much to know about how the pain is caused and aleviated. And there are many helpful resources out there that can give you the knowledge to use in your own solution to back pain.

One incredible resource (and free at that!) is a new book called The 7 Day Back Pain Cure. Besides being a great source of information that can help you and your quest to eliminate back pain, it also points the way to a number of videos and other resources you will likely find valuable. As we said, it is free, plus it’s an actual paperback book, so follow this link to The 7 Day Back Pain Cure and get your own copy. You can’t know “too much” about pain and how to resolve it!

What could be causing your back pain?

Heal-n-sooth for pain relief

Heal-n-sooth for pain relief

Some specific causes of back pain

An abnormality of a facet joint and prolapsed disc, slipped disc, can give rise to back lower pain in the buttocks and even down the and into the foot. Such a back lower pain is more commonly referred to as sciatica. The back pain sciatica sufferers experience is due to pressure on the nerve root as it leaves the spinal chord.1 This is a very sensitive nerve and even coughing or sneezing can increase the back lower pain experienced.  Osteoarthritis in the joints of the spine can cause a persistent back pain. Ankylosing spondylitis is the technical term for this, the inflammation disorder which gives rise to arthritis in the spine and, especially if there is a lot of upper back pain, can lead to complete immobility of the spine.2 Conversely, creating a lot of back lower pain is the condition known as coccydynia. This is a tenderness at the base of the spine, often after a fall, where the coccyx has taken the impact of the fall. Due to pressure in the pelvic area pregnant women can also be prone to coccydynia. Fibrositis is actually a rather imprecise term applied to back pain arising any tenderness in the back muscles. Back pain sufferers with this condition will be aware of it as the pain experienced will be worst during times of cold and damp weather. Along with non-specific causes of back pain, there are several readily available back pain relief treatments for it.


Over a month into development

Our development of is over a month old now, and the research and information is escalating without bound. Make sure to stay tuned for upcoming special offerings on various pain management topics, and free information packages about natural ways to achieve pain relief; all of which we hope will move you toward pain-free living.

Currently, we will be featuring articles and research about coping with, dealing with, and managing back pain. You may find articles we publish through various mediums, but to get our core message please visit our constantly updated –> back pain relief articles.

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