Managing Tooth Pain

Tooth ache pain can quite simply be described as the pain coming from one or more teeth or even the gums, tooth ache pain can range from a dull throb or a sharp twinge to a continuous and searing pain that often feels as if it is piercing your jaw and upper head.

The role of plaque in causing tooth ache.

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Plaque is a potent mix of saliva, food particles and bacteria that will accumulate on teeth forming a sticky but hard coating on them. In time, if the teeth are not cleaned properly, it will act as a catalyst promoting tooth decay. Plaque is quite insidious in contributing to tooth ache as it will start to form within a few hours of cleaning your teeth, regardless of the things you have been eating and drinking. Also, the ‘furry’ feeling you can get on un-brushed teeth is most likely the beginnings of plaque formation. The plaque forming salivary mucous contains proteins that bacteria in the mouth can use to multiply themselves by. Some of those micro-organisms are very effective in breaking down the sugars in any carbohydrate food particles, producing an acid capable of eroding tooth enamel, giving rise to the first signs of decay and tooth ache.

The main causes of tooth ache.

Following the build up of plaque on your teeth there are several main causes of tooth ache. Dental calculus, or tartar, is a hard crust like substance that forms at the crowns and roots of teeth. Tartar is a deposit of saliva and mineral salts that builds on areas of a tooth already affected by plaque. Once formed tartar needs specialist attention to remove it, if not removed it can lead to inflammation and destruction of the gums; which in turn can affect the supporting structures of the teeth giving rise to periodontitis and further tooth ache. Of course the classic cause of tooth ache is – tooth decay. Tooth decay invariably follows the build-up of plaque, resulting in the tooth enamel being eroded. The tooth does have the ability to repair itself, providing not too much sugar is present. However, in the presence of high amounts of sugar the plaque bacteria produces more and more sugars, and the resulting acidic mix causes a hole, or cavity, to appear in the tooth. Eventually the hole is that big that it exposes the pulp, living part, of the tooth, this will cause sensitivity to hot and cold things and be the start of a tooth ache. If the pulp is completely killed the bacteria can cause an infection, abscess, at the very end of the tooth root – which will give rise to a very painful tooth ache. In extreme cases the infection or abscess can spread beyond the root tip and into the tooth’s root or root canal. The resulting tooth ache will be worst when the tooth is bitten on, but will also last long beyond the moment that the bite was made.

Tooth ache remedies.

A tooth ache remedy for plaque is to brush your teeth thoroughly at least once a day and preferably after every meal; the regular use of floss is also to be recommended. The presence of plaque on your teeth can be highlighted by using the entirely harmless dye known as disclosing agent, which temporarily stains any plaque on your teeth red. If you’re searching for a tooth ache remedy for calculus, tartar, then professional scaling is recommended. You can also reduce the risk of tooth ache arising from tartar by having any likely calculus stagnation areas eliminated, such as poorly finished fillings. In the early stages of tooth decay brushing the teeth with a fluoride toothpaste will help to remove plaque, as will chewing a sugar-free gum; however, you will need to maintain a very low sugar diet for these self administered tooth ache remedies. Teeth with an abscess in their root can be saved by root canal surgery. Although a persistent tooth ache will require a visit to the dentist at some point there are alternative or emergency tooth ache cure products available, until such time as you can get to your dentist.


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